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Elizabeth R.(Davidson) & Richard Propsting

Elizabeth Rachel (Davidson) & Richard Propsting

Elizabeth Rachel (Bessie) Propsting nee Davidson 1830 - 1899

The Portrait of  Elizabeth Rachel (Davidson) Propsting 1830 - 1899 is hanging in the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Hobart.

Joy Olney found Elizabeth & Richard Propsting at Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Hobart in 2006.

Richard and Elizabeth Propsting.

Elizabeth Rachel Davidson, known as Bessie, born 2 August 1830 in Hobart Town and died 14 November 1899 at "Brightside", New Town, Hobart.  She was the eldest child of William & Elizabeth Davidson.

Elizabeth married Richard Propsting (9 November 1819 in Hadley, Middlesex, London and died 25 April 1899 at "Mengem" Patrick Street, Hobart, Tasmania) on 23 January 1849 at 3 Elboden Place, South Hobart at her mother's home.

Together they had 10 children:
Anne Maria Elizabeth Propsting (born 4 October 1849 in Hobart Town and died 21 April 1908 in New Town, Hobart) married Samuel Hurst Burrows (born 1 March 1844 in Tasmania and died 22 March 1920 at "Kooiyong" New Town) on 5 September 1871 in Hobart, Tasmania.  They had 6 children.

Georgina Sarah Propsting (born 17 May 1851 in Hobart Town) and married Charles Edwin Featherstone on 21 September 1876 in Hobart.  They had 5 children.

Julia Davidson Propsting (born 13 December 1854 and died 15 June 1894 in Hobart Town, Tas).

William Richard (Dick) Frederick Propsting (born 4 June 1856 in Campbelltown, and died 31 July 1933 at 22 Swanston Street, Hobart, Tasmania).

Ada Elizabeth Propsting (born 20 January 1858 in Campbelltown, Tasmania). Married Leslie George Cockhead in 1889 in Hobart, Tasmania.

George Englebert Propsting (born 7 October 1859 in Campbelltown and died 6 April 1940 in 19A St Georges Terrace, Hobart, Tasmania).  Married Annie Caroline Mary (born 1871 and died 10 June 1953 in St Georges Terrace, Hobart).

Arthur Ferdinand G Propsting (born 17 December 1861 in Campbelltown, Tasmania and died 28 March 1862 in Campbelltown, Tasmania).

Lewis Henry Aretas Propsting (born 7 January 1863 in Hobart, Tasmania and died 29 April 1924 in 134 Macquarie Street, Hobart).

Frank Edgar Aisbet Propsting (born 11 January 1865 in Hobart).

Ethel Gertrude Propsting (born 29 Jun 1867 in Hobart Town, Tasmania and died 16 May 1913). Married Frank Morris (born 2 October 1863 in Swansea, Tasmania and died 4 February 1949 in Hobart) in Bellerive, Tasmania on 10 November 1889.  They had 5 children.

Anne Maria Elizabeth Propsting & Samuel Burrows

Samuel Hurst Burrows 1844 - 1871

Anne Marie (Propsting) Burrows (1849 - 1908)

Samuel Burrows was a Tanner and Leather Merchant in Hobart and New Town. who commenced business as a Tanner in Risdon Road, New Town in 1868. He also carried on a large wholesale and retail grindery and boot findings business in Elizabeth Street, Hobart where all the requisites for the boot-making trade could be obtained.  He also engaged extensively in the bark industry, being one of the largest buyers and exporters in the Colony.  Samuel Burrows one aim was to manufacture goods for use and wear and leathers bearing his brand always commanded a ready sale and earned encomiums for their durability. Has had success at exhibitions. At the Sydney International Exhibition in 1897 he received a bronze medal for an exhibit of furs and rugs.  At the Tasmanian Exhibition of 1894-5 a gold medal was awarded for the best collection of boot uppers and also a gold medal for the best exhibit of fancy and other leathers.

Samuel Burrows found time to devote to public matters: a member of the Town Board of New Town, an active member of the Wesleyan Church, holding all positions and a Justice of the Peace.

Samuel & Anne (Propsting) Burrows had 6 children:

Lilian Mary Elizabeth Burrows (born 25 March 1873 in Hobart and died 28 November 1940 in Hobart). Married William Henry Vaughan (born 1860 and died 3 March 1943) in 1899.

Arthur Propsting Burrows ( born 8 May 1874 in Hobart and died 1956 in Hobart).  Married Iris Owen (born 1881 and died 22 April 1913) in April 1902.  They had 4 children.

Annie Gertrude Burrows (born 26 July 1875 in Hobart).  Married James Wilson Bailey, known as Wilson (died 6 September 19354 in Hobart).  They had 3 children.

Leslie Hurst Burrows (born 1876 in Hobart).  Married L.Owen.

Mabel Georgina Burrows (born 12 April 1880 in Hobart and died 12 December 1929 in 12 Boa Vista Road, New Town). Mabel married Thomas Reginald Brownell (known as Reginald) born 10 May 1866 in Hobart and died 22 April 1934 in 17 Augusta Road, New Town, Hobart) in April 1902.
They had 4 children.

Dorothea (Dora) Beatrice Burrows (born 19 October 1886 in Hobart and died 19 April 1967 in Hobart). Married Claude Robert Denholm (born 1885).  They had 4 children.

Mabel Georgina Burrows & Thomas Reginald Brownell

Mabel & Reginald Brownell

Mabel Georgina Burrows (1880 - 1929) and Thomas Reginald (known as Reginald) Brownell (1866 - 1934) had 4 children:

Reginald Lindsay Hurst Brownell  born 5 May 1903 and died 27 May 1929 in Sanatorium, New Town, Hobart at the age of 26.

Alan Bispham Brownell (born 11 April 1904 in Tea Tree, Hobart and died 20 July 1981 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). He married Jean Mary Sefton Newman (born 3 January 1907 and died 7 April 1985 in Melbourne) in November 1929.  They had 4 sons.

Kathleen Annie Preston Brownell (born 26 June 1910 in Hobart and died 26 February 2000 in Rosary Gardens Nursing Home, New Town). A Spinster.

Helen Bispham Brownell (born 16 January 1916 in New Town and died 29 October 1994 in Sandy Bay, Hobart).  Helen married Sydney George Gardiner (born 1901 and died 19 February 1991). Known as Sam.  They had a daughter Brigid Anne Brownell Gardiner.

William Davidson's Sundial

The Sundial that William Davidson commissioned convict stonemason Daniel Herbert to carve
as a gift for his wife Elizabeth in about 1833 has been passed down the female line for 5 generations: 

William Davidson married Elizabeth Naisbett 1 September 1829 - Daughter Elizabeth Rachel Davidson was born 2 August 1830.
Elizabeth married Richard Propsting 23 January 1849 - Daughter Anne Maria Elizabeth Propsting was born 4 October 1849.
Anne married Samuel Burrows 5 September 1871 - Daughter Mabel Georgina Burrows was born 12 April 1880. 
Mabel married Reginald Brownell April 1902 - Daughter Kathleen Annie Preston Brownell was born 26 June 1910.
Kathleen never married so passed the Sundial onto her neice Brigid Anne Brownell Gardiner.

Brigid donated the Sundial to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in 1999.  It stands outside the Cottage built for William and Elizabeth Davidson in 1828, now the Administration.

Refer to my Blog -  Post - Davidson's Sundial.

Sundial at Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens with William & Elizabeth linked arm in arm.

Sundial has one side with William the Gardener, another with William & Elizabeth, the other with daughter Elizabeth and the other with son William.

Thomas Reginald Brownell 's Grandfather - Dr Thomas Coke Brownhill

Thomas Coke Brownell was born 17 December 1800 Isle of St Kitts, West Indies and died 9 November 1871 in Hobart and buried L24 Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Wesleyan section.

Thomas Brownell married Elizabeth Freeman (born 15 January 1805 in Southouram, Yorkshire and died 8 January 1879 in Hobart) on 28 August 1823 in Yorkshire, England.  Elizabeth's parents disowned her for marrying Thomas and coming to Australia. 

Thomas Coke Brownell & Elizabeth (Freeman) Brownell had 13 children:

Elizabeth Freeman Brownell born 29 January 1825 in England and died 1825 in England.

Jane Cooper Brownell born 7 July 1826 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and died December 1826 in England. 

William Freeman Brownell (born 10 June 1833 in Hobart and died 14 July 1907 in Hobart, Tas).
William married Frances Maria Preston (born 1834 in Middleham, Durham, England and died 13 February 1918 in Hobart) on 7 December 1854.

William Freeman Brownell (1833 - 1907) His photo is in the Methodist Museum in Melville Street, Hobart.

Frances Maria Brownell (Preston) 1834 - 1918.

William & Frances Brownell had 13 children:
William Thomas Preston Brownell born 6 December 1855 and died 19 September 1856.
Henry James (Rev) Brownell born 1860 in Mortlake, Victoria and died 21 October 1898.
William Percival Brownell (Born 22 August 1862 in Hobart Town and died 2 December 1916 in Hobart).  William married Julieann James (born 1865 and died August 1945) and they had a son Lieu Lauriston Brownell, (born 1893 and killed in October 1917 in WW1 in Belgium).
Augustus Spencer Brownell known as Spencer (born 7 March 1864 in Hobart and died 17 November 1931 in Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania)  Spencer married Margaret Ebblewhite McCutcheon (born 28 August 1870 in Ascot Vale, Melbourne and died 14 August 1962 in Hobart) on 11 January 1895 in Victoria.
Thomas Reginald Brownell known as Reginald (born 10 May 1866 in Hobart and died 22 April 1934 in 17 Augusta Road, New Town).  Reginald married Mabel Georgina Burrows (born 12 April 1880 in Hobart and died 12 December 1929 in 12 Boa Vista Road, New Town) on 9 April 1902 in Hobart. They had 4 children, Reginald, Alan, Kathleen and Helen Brownell.
Emily Mabel Brownell (born 28 May 1868 in Hobart).  Emily married Lancelot Herbert Ussher born in South Africa.
Frederick Nathaniel Brownell (born 6 November 1870 and died 9 May 1931.  Frederick married Dora Winifred ? (born 20 July 1879 and died 18 October 1937).
Amy Madeline Brownell (born 26 May 1872 in Hobart Town, Tasmania).
Francis Leslie Brownell (born 13 March 1875 in Hobart and died 7 September 1947).
Arthur Melville Brownell (born 7 July 1878 in Hobart and died 30 May 1879 in Hobart).
Frances Sarah Brownell, Florence Jane Brownell and Eric Lindsay Douglas Major Brownell make up the 13 children of William & Frances Brownell.

Hannah Brownell born 13 September 1837 in Granton, Tasmania.

Emily Manton Brownell born 25 November 1838 in Granton, Tasmania.

Jane Anne Brownell, James Storey Brownell, Mary Elizabeth Brownell, Thomas Turner Brownell, Eliza Brownell, Sarah Brownell, John Beecham Brownell, Edward Arthur Brownell made up the 13 children of Dr Thomas Coke Brownell and his wife Elizabeth Freeman.

Dr Thomas Coke Brownell was the resident Doctor at Port Arthur from 1853. He lived in the Medical Officer's house at Port Arthur with his wife and family. The house is open for inspection.

 Medical Officer's house at Port Arthur where Dr Thomas Coke Brownell & Elizabeth lived.  In 1926  the cast and crew of "For the Term of His Natural Life" were based here.  Photo taken in 2008.

Dining Room in the Medical Officers house at Port Arthur.

 Lounge Room in Medical Officer's house at Port Arthur.

These photos were on display in the house.

Cornelian Bay Cemetery Hobart - Wesleyan section

Tomb Stone for Samuel Hurst & Anne Maria  (Propsting) Burrows, Iris wife of Arthur Burrows, Lilian (Burrows) wife of W.H.Vaughan, Dora (Burrows) wife of C.D.Denholm (L21)

Tomb stone for Frank & Ethel G.(Propsting) Morris and daughter Gwladys E.Morris (L40).

Tombstone for Dr T Coke & Elizabeth (Freeman) Brownell, son William & Francis Brownell & their 5 sons William, Arthur, Henry, Francis, Frederick & Dora Brownell,  Kathleen A.P.Brownell (daughter of T.R. & M.G.Brownell)  (L24)

Tombstone for T.Reginald & Mabel G.Brownell and son R.Lindsay H.Brownell. (L59)

William Percival Brownell, his wife Julieann and son Lieu at Cornelian Bay Cemetery.

Augusta Spencer Brownell and his wife Margaret at Cornelian Bay Cemetery.

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